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Claire Rose was born in the quaint beach town of Santa Barbara, California spending much of her time barefooted collecting shells, swimming in the ocean and dancing her way from moment to moment. At the age of 12 her family moved to the Bay Area where she became enthralled with the rawness and transient nature of her urban environment. The enigmatic hustle and bustle of her Berkeley stomping grounds became the backdrop, as she discovered her passion for photography. Over the past 7 years Claire has honed in her craft working as a photographer in big cities such as, San Francisco, San Diego and Portland. 

With our heads down and our eyes set forward, we move from instant to instant, without so much as a glance up. This is the condition of living in a fast paced society. Claire often posed the question, "what would happen if we were to slow down and gaze into the moments that are happening all around us?" She soon became fascinated with the ability to capture what she called "the in-between moments," those spaces of stillness in between movement. She often found that by taking a step back and becoming the observer she was able to see the vulnerability these spaces held.

Much of her inspiration and passion comes from the complexity and depth of human emotion and connection. Instead of being swept away with the action, she wants to know what you experience in the moments before and after, and how you as the viewer connect to them. Through her medium she pushes to convey the beauty and vulnerability of human emotions by her use of intimate compositions and suffused combinations of color and tone.  

Much of her work as an artist draws influence from various elements of nature and her urban environment, pop culture, fashion, and the juxtaposition between action and stillness. 

Claire Rose currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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